Kaliber Beer
Guiness Beer
   Kaliber Beer | Nonalcoholic Beer

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When beer drinkers judge beer, they do not give points off or slack to those beers that are non alcoholic. Even if they prefer to drink a beer with lower alcohol content, they will not drink a beer that gives up flavor to lose the alcohol. There are no points for 'half-way.' If one wants the taste of beer, no amount of cajoling by a brewer will get a beer a good mark if the taste is not there for the palate. Beer drinkers will give up calories and color, but they will not pass on taste.

Kaliber does not ask the beer drinker for a 'pass.' It provides a beer that has a nice color, a creamy head is produced on the pour, a nice beer feel in the mouth, as opposed to a watery, weak feeling, and a solid taste of beer. Without the bad after taste of some other bon alcoholic beers, Kaliber delivers a taste worthy of its brewer. Who could expect less from Guiness, a brewery in Ireland which produces many of our imported beers consumed in the United States?

Trying Kaliber, whether to simply compare it to other non alcoholic beers, or to compare it to a conventional full-strength beer, a beer drinker will not be disappointed. The heft and taste of Kaliber will likely bring you back for more of their non alcoholic brew. The other non alcoholic beers do not have a following like those who enjoy Kaliber.
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